Know How
Indefor was founded in 1987 to manufacture trimmings and accessories made of iron, zamak, stainless steel or brass wire for the Fashion Industry.
With more than 20 years’ experience, we design, manufacture and market our own collections using creativity and customers’ cooperation.
Our reputation is based on the quality and innovation of our products and the high level of service that satisfies our customers’ needs.
In 1987, Indefor started its activity in Castellar del Vallès, a little town close to Barcelona, and 5 years later we moved to a modern 1250 sq meters plant in Sentmenat (Barcelona), with large storage spaces, better communications, easy access for receiving/shipping products and the necessary infrastructure to grow and expand.
For more than 20 years of activity, we have innovated and expanded our product portfolio, adding new manufacturing materials and processes, expanding our target market, participating in European fairs and applying new technologies.
Today we are an experienced leader supplying metallic fittings with continuous growth in Spanish and European markets.
Indefor designs and manufactures shoe accessories; belt buckles; suitcase handles; tailoring ornaments; sportswear, military clothing and saddler fittings. Getting close to our customers, we provide custom products and we offer several finishes for all our products.
Our production is based on the use of the best raw materials, respect for the environment and high quality as added value.
Indefor, S.L. - Tel. 0034 937 153 455 - Sentmenat (Barcelona) - Spain -